This is one of the sweetest things I've ever heard:

After beloved Yardville Carvel owner, Nelson Cheng, passed away back in February from COVID-19, a former employee has stepped up, bought the shop, and will be opening it back up soon to continue Cheng's legacy. Yay.

Elementary School Teacher, Denise Bongiovi, and her husband, Joe, are the proud new owners of the Carvel in Dover Park Plaza. They say they are hoping for a July 1st opening date.

They even have something special planned for July 10th, which was Cheng's birthday. I could feel the emotion in her public Facebook post. It brought me to tears. You can tell how much Cheng and the ice cream shop meant to her.

Cheng scooped her soft chocolate cone with chocolate sprinkles when she was a little girl, visiting with her grandfather. He scooped her chocolate peanut butter ice cream, in the winter, after gymnastics class, in middle school. He used to tease her about wanting ice cream in the middle of winter.

Cheng trained her to work there in high school, and would poke fun at her when boys would visit her during her shift.

When lighting struck her home and caught fire, he gave her weeks of the store's tip money to help. Cheng made her wedding cake. She brought her 3 children to Carvel to see Cheng. You get it.

Denise and her family were devastated when Cheng passed, like so many others in the community. The outpouring warmed my heart.

Bongiovi has already started to feel the love and support of so many, thrilled that she will continue what Cheng started, and excited that the shop won't be empty anymore, with someone familiar behind the counter. Chills. Denise is a little nervous and knows it won't be exactly the same, but, will greet you with a "Ni Hao" and the friendliness that Cheng taught her to give.

I don't know Denise, but she taught my nieces, and my sister says she a wonderful person. She seems like she has a huge heart, and I can't wait to stop in, meet her, and get some ice cream.

Congratulations and good luck to Denise and her family. I'm sure you'll make Nelson proud.

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