Lock Haven University, is launching a pet friendly residence hall next semester! That means, Students at Lock Haven University are going to grab their family pets when they head back to school for their spring semester.

Lock Haven wanted to launch the program because they want to make students feel more "at home" while they're away from home. The residence hall director understands how much comfort pets bring to people and with all the stress that college students are under, Lock Haven University decided to launch the pet friendly residence hall.

There are a few rules that students have to follow in order to keep their pet in their dorm. One of them is the pet has to be a "long term pet" and not a pet they just bought at the store. Also, pets have to be under 40 pounds, must be kept on a leash outside (cats & dogs), and must be up to date with it's vaccinations. They also will ONLY be allowed in the residence hall and not any other building. So if you wanna have your friends over to see your animal, they'll have to come to you.

Lock Haven University's President believes that having pets on campus will in fact enhance the college living experience. I think he's absolutely right!

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