NBC Philadelphia just announced that Acme has parted ways with Instacart and has now launched their own grocery delivery service. I just looked up Acme Markets near me and the Acme in the Hamilton Square Shopping Center, the Acme on Broad Street in Trenton, and the Acme on Dunns Mill Road in Bordentown are all offering grocery delivery. As soon as you go to Acme's website, you'll be asked how you want to shop whether it be pick up, delivery or shop in store. Just click on delivery and put in your zip code and you'll see if you're close enough to an Acme to get the delivery. Acme will also offer drive up grocery service as well. All the details on how to order are on their website.

I'll never forget when I was on maternity leave and my husband had gone back to work and I was home with an infant and I said to myself, "how do I run to the store?" I was a new Mom and it was January before the pandemic had begun, but I still wasn't comfortable bringing my little Nathan out to a store when it was so cold and there were germs everywhere. That's when I found out about Target Drive Up. Not sure if they launched it right before my son was born in 2020, but that's when I found out about it and it was such a lifesaver. Now, with the pandemic and a lot of people still not wanted to go into stores, curbside and delivery services like these ones are very convenient and constantly busy. I've also used Shoprite Shop from Home and that was convenient too. That was a pickup service with an option for delivery, but I didn't want to take a slot if someone elderly really needed their groceries delivered. I am more than capable of going to pick them up myself. I don't mind grocery shopping, it's actually nice to get out of the house and be in public. Now that the pandemic has gotten better and tons of delivery services are available, I'm sure a lot of working parents and busy people would love another option for grocery delivery.

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