Nothing is cooler than a celebrity sighting, but unfortunately, not all celebrities are the nicest to their fans. Being in the radio industry, we've met many celebrities and artists and I won't mention them by name, but some of them, weren't as nice as we thought they'd be. It happens though. So when I see stories about celebrities being extremely nice to their fans, I think they need to be recognized.

According to, Adam Sandler was in Atlantic City on Friday scheduled to perform a show at the new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, when he decided to venture out into Atlantic City to play some basketball. Adam Sandler is actually a really basketball player and shows off his skills in many of his movies including Grown Ups and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. Adam pulled up to a basketball court on Pennsylvania Avenue and asked the kids playing there if they wanted to play a game. The kids weren't sure that it really was Adam Sandler at first, but when they realized it, they were super excited. Adam let the kids take pictures and videos and you can check those out here. The kids said he was really funny and they all had a good time!

Way to go Adam! By the way, Adam and Jennifer Aniston are starring in a new movie on Netflix called Murder Mystery, which my husband and I watched over the weekend, and I definitely recommend it!

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