Hundreds of beachgoers flock to the Jersey Shore, despite the Airbnb tax increases.

It’s no surprise that the Jersey Shore is one of the hottest places to vacation during the summer months, especially during one of its peak weekends, Memorial Day Weekend. Having a place to stay when you’re ready to kickback and relax is something most people look forward to and Airbnb has you covered.

Well, this MDW set new records.  According to, “More than 6,300 Shore visitors over Memorial Day weekend rented through Airbnb”, which is a staggering 1,500 more guests than the shore saw from last year’s MDW. The Inquirer also mentioned that Airbnb hosts all together made more than a million dollars just during the long weekend rentals. WOW!

This past October, New Jersey lawmakers increased tax on short-term rentals, which scared homeowners. Many of them feared that this would turn tourist away from using the short term rental sites. Some owners that do not use home renting companies, such as Airbnb, or real estate agents are finding it hard to get anyone to rent their homes, but for many others this tax build is actually doing the exact opposite. According to, owners will be tax exempt if the renters go directly to owners and not through any third party renting company.

If you have a home anywhere near the beach, this is a great summer to rent it out! This could make you good extra cash this summer without having to do much work at all. The Daily News Inquirer explained that many homes were being rented for an average of $141 per night (and that was just this weekend alone). Keep in mind that there are still other big tourist holidays, such as the Fourth of July and Labor Day, when renting through Airbnb is definitely going to be a big hit.  Of course there is always the option of hotels, but many times you have to book that way in advanced and they typically cost more. So whether you are looking to rent for a vacay or looking to make a little money this summer, Airbnb has you covered!

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