CNBC reports, that Amazon has just launched an online pharmacy called...Amazon Pharmacy. They get right to the point and don't mess around with silly names. So now, you can get prescriptions on Amazon and it looks extremely easy to order them. According to their website, you request the prescription you want, contact your doctor, or Amazon can actually do it for you and then place your order. Thats it. Your pharmacy order ships straight to your door and if you're a Prime Member, you get free two day shipping. This is a big move for Amazon, but it's not their first dip in the pharmacy pool. Last year, they slowly got into it with PillPack, where you can get all your daily medication delivered to your door in a convenient little package. But, now they have gone big with it and launched an entire Amazon Pharmacy site. For more details on this huge move from Amazon Pharmacy that may put drugstores out of business, click here.

I honestly can say that Amazon has become my go-to place to shop for everything in my life. The other day, I noticed my son Nathan has been gnawing on his crib, yeah I found teethmarks in his crib railing. So I went on Amazon, ordered them, boom they were there the next day. Most items get shipped so quickly and I price match everything and most of the time, Amazon is cheaper than some area retailers. With Coronavirus cases going up everywhere, I am extremely nervous to go anywhere, especially crowded stores, so now that I know I can have one more thing delivered to my door, makes me very happy. I have a few prescriptions that I take every day, so I am looking into this now.

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