Amazon is always coming in clutch in many different with the whole amazon prime stuff but now they are trying to help people in a different way. It has been reported that Amazon is trying to hire close to 7,000 people just in the state of New Jersey alone. According to, this big hiring wave comes as a part of Amazon's 100,000 hiring program nationwide.

The Amazon jobs coming to New Jersey will offer both part-time and full-time positions. reported that Amazon will be offering these positions at the 14 fulfillment and sorting centers throughout the state of New Jersey.

We all know that it was unfortunate how many people across the country had lost their jobs because of the pandemic. So, hearing that Amazon is looking to do a huge hiring wave in our area is great. It was stated on that the starting pay will be $15 an hour. Not only is that already a good thing but to make matters a lot better for those applying, new hires will have a chance to get a $250 or $500 sign-on bonus.

It also seems like Amazon is looking to have many other huge projects in the state of New Jersey. stated that earlier this year (2020) Amazon leased 14 delivery stations with the hopes of opening them sometime this year.

With the extra $600 not being a part of the unemployment pay any longer, we are sure that it will make budgets a little tighter for different households. This is the perfect timing for Amazon to start this huge hiring wave.

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