Amazon is about to become even more convenient. They just announced that starting in July, you'll be able to take your Amazon returns to a Kohl's store near you. The best part? you won't even need a box to make that return.

I'm shopping more and more on Amazon because let's face it... they pretty much have everything.

I'm a Prime member, so it gets delivered nice and fast. I don't often have to return something, but when I do it's a hassle. You have to package it back up (most of the time, I've already destroyed the box it came in because I wasn't anticipating returning it), print out a return label, and go find a UPS store to drop it to. Ugh. Well, that's all about to change.

According to Fox 29, Kohl's and Amazon starting doing this in select cities 2 years ago, as a test, but, now will do it at all of their over 1,000 locations, nationwide. You can bring your item that needs to be returned in or out of a package, and you don't even need a label. Yay.

Kohl's has locations in Hamilton, East Windsor, Oxford Valley, and Bensalem.

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