Amazon is rolling out their new electric cars and hope to have 100,000 of them on the road by 2023 according to Fox News. Because these are electric cars, they will be a lot louder than the vans they use now. It's like when the ice cream man would come down the street and play music, everyone would come running out of their houses to see him and get some ice cream. Well, it may be the same concept when the new Amazon vans are coming down the street, but they may be playing sounds like that are similar to alien sounds. I'm not really sure what this sounds like but you can listen to the video below and hear what it may sound like. The reason for these sounds is because they are electric cars, other cars need to be warned when the electric vans go below 18.6 miles per hour. The electric cars are so quiet, they could also pose a threat to pedestrians as well. So now with the weird sounds, everyone will know they're coming.


I have to say, I order from Amazon a lot. I remember being mad that my husband got Amazon Prime, but now I use it so much that it's totally worth it and I think he's a genius. I am extremely happy that a big corporation like Amazon is recognizing that global warming is a real thing and we all need to reduce our carbon footprint if we want this Earth to still be here for our children and our children's children. Amazon trucks delivery thousands of packages each day, so now that they plan to put 100,000 electric vans on the road, this will cut down on fumes and pollution that is put into the air from cars. I won't mind hearing the 'alien noses' when the Amazon truck is coming down the road. It'll give me a little warning to hide the packages from my hubby.

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