Before I reveal what the most popular Netflix show in New Jersey in 2018 is ... can you make a guess??

I just tried and I can't ... I actually just realized that I'm more of a Hulu girl honestly.

The Simpsons, Family Guy, Empire, and Star are more of my speed. (weird combination I know ...)

Anywho, let's focus because you're here to find out what the most popular show on Netflix was in NJ this past year.

And the winner is:

"13 Reasons Why" ... really?! And that's not just in New Jersey. It's also the most popular in the country believe it or not. I gotta keep it real, I was never tempted to watch this show ever ...

The show also came in first place for 6 other states too - including Connecticut, Illinois, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, and Rhode Island according to

So, of course, this show is due for another season due to popularity. The third season should be launching later this year.

Other shows that made the country 2018 Netflix's most popular show list were ...

2) "The End of the F***ing World”

3) “Daredevil”

4)“Orange is the New Black”

5) “Stranger Things”

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