My parents got divorced at a very young age, so I had two houses with two different wardrobes. Both my parents worked their butts off to always make sure my brother and I had plenty of clothes and one of the places we always went to for clothes was Sears. We had one on Route 22 in Scotch Plains and I specifically remember going there to get my Easter dress. After Sears filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, they've been disappearing left and right  and now another one will soon be gone.

According to the Asbury Park Press, the Sears store in Freehold Raceway Mall will be closing very soon and will begin some sales to get rid of inventory. The article on, says that this is the last Sears location at the Jersey Shore and it will be closed by February. The good news is, this Sears location will be having their liquidation sales beginning this week, which could be great being that it's right before the holiday season. You could probably get a lot of shopping done for the holidays at discounted prices. Still, it's sad to see another Sears disappear.

For more info on the Freehold Raceway Mall Sears closing, click here.

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