Happy Game day Eagles fans! I bet you didn't know people think you are pretty rowdy.

Bookies.com just released a list of the rowdiest fans in the NFL and the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles have landed on the number 1 spot.

Why did Philly's fans get voted the most rowdiest in the NFL? Mostly because they drink too much. I mean, you go to a football game and you drink. Apparently, that's not okay.

What other NFL team's fans made this list? The Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Vegas Raiders both made the list because their fans are too loud. Dallas Cowboys fans apparently drink too much, just like Eagles fans and Buffalo Bills fans have been known to damage property. Wow.

In my personal opinion, I feel like ALL NFL fans are rowdy. I feel when sports fans are passionate about their team they will do anything for them. They paint their faces, wear their team's colors and cheer as loud as they can for their favorite players.

I don't usually like watching our favorite football or baseball teams when they're on the road. I do not like walking into another stadium and have those fans talk crap to me the entire game. It's not an enjoyable experience for me.

I am passionate about the teams I love, but I also go to games in good spirits and do not like to taunt other fans. I think people do need to take a chill pill when it comes to professional sports. The players are going to play the way they play despite whether their fans are rowdy or not.

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