After a series of almost identical tweets posted by @Starbucks and @ArianaGrande, we can say they may just be up to something. Seems like the two have teamed up and created something delicious for you.

Right before those tweets were sent out, the 'thank u, next' singer made it official with a separate tweet.


Tomorrow is the big day but the real question is, "big day for what?"

We still don't know what exactly they are releasing. An unknown person tweeted out, and maybe leaked, a little of the information we all want to know. "This is what Ariana is promoting with starbucks, she got her own drink and for international women’s day we’re going to be playing playlists of songs by her or songs chosen by her" - @fymSTEVE

After seeing that tweet now we have some what of a clue, unless they completely change it on us.

Some fans have even said, “Suddenly I love macchiatos.” Perhaps that will be you as well.

Now that we think about it, no wonder she was randomly hanging out at a Target in Lancaster, Pa.

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