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As we were thinking about all the talent we'll see on the field this fall, we knew we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that the U.S. Army has several opportunities for musicians to perform with elite bands. You're probably used to thinking of Army careers focusing on combat, engineering and medical fields, but there's also opportunities to support soldiers and tour the country and abroad sharing the Army's story via music with bands like:

1) The U.S. Army Field Band.

Celebrating its 75th year, the U.S. Army Field Band includes a Concert Band, Soldiers Chorus, Jazz Ambassadors—America's Big Band, Six-String Soldiers and small ensembles. As they explain on their website, "the United States Army Field Band is considered by music critics to be one of the most versatile and inspiring musical organizations in the world. Its members, selected by highly competitive audition, represent some of the finest musical talent in America."

2) The West Point Band

Comprised of active-duty soldiers who happen to be top musicians, the West Point Band is "the oldest continuously serving Army band," according to its website. They are there both to help inspire and train cadets and to represent the academy as they perform a wide range of styles from pop and country hits to traditional drum and fife music. The Hellcats, their field music group, perform bugle calls daily at West Point:

3) Pershing's Own

These musicians support the nation's leaders, including all branches of the federal government, often performing at important diplomatic events. Like the other military bands, they have several ensembles, including the U.S. Army Concert Band, the U.S. Army Ceremonial Band, the U.S. Army Herald Trumpets and the U.S. Army Blues.

Whether you're an avid musician, curious about part-time military opportunities, considering enlisting or anything in between, Army Team Mid-Atlantic is here to explain the options and offer support. Learn more at

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