The Emmys were rightfully the center of attention this weekend for many of us. The HBO series Game of Thrones brought home 12 , that’s right TWELVE Awards on Saturday. In addition, New Jersey native, Peter Dinklage secured the Emmy for best supporting actor in a drama series.

Dinkleage adds to the reasons we have pride for our, often times no-so-loveable state. Along with this, earlier this year, an artist created the land of New Jerseros. The rendition depicts New Jersey to the tune of Game of Thrones.

Noteworthy locations found on the map include A Horse made of rock (Stone Pony in Asbury), and Castle Christie located in Mendham, New Jersey.

The map even acknowledges the Central Jersey schism by clearing labelling it as well as nodding to its highly controversial roots.

Congrats to the crew of GoT, and be sure to check out the Map of New Jerseros. Copies of the map are on sale for twenty percent off due to the shows Emmy success!