Get ready shoppers. Home decor superstore, "at home," could be opening in the Nassau Park shopping center on Route 1 South in West Windsor this week, according to a sign I saw hanging on the front door of the new store.

I knew the opening had to be soon after getting a coupon in the mail. The flyer with the coupon attached made it seem like it was already open, so I had to go and investigate. Lol.

The homemade sign on the door said, "We will be potentially open Thursday afternoon, July 15th." That's TOMORROW. I can't wait. I've never been to an at home before (there are locations in Cherry Hill and Brick Township), but, I've heard it's just a bigger HomeGoods or HomeSense. My favorite kind of store.

If you've never been at an "at home," it's described online like this: "We know that no two people are the same, and we like it that way. From quirky to traditional, modern to exotic, we pride ourselves on having something for everyone. Our wide variety of products allows customers to express their own unique style throughout their home in ways big and small."

The old Sam's Club (301 Nassau Park Boulevard)is where this new "at home" is...that's a really big space...plenty of room for furniture, rugs, and a lot of other awesome home decor. The website says they have over 50,000 products in stock, with truckloads of new merchandise daily. Yeesss. I'm getting tingly. Lol.

Crossing my fingers that it opens tomorrow.

My husband will tell you we don't need anything for our house, but, c'mon. I'm sure you've heard that from your honey too. They just don't understand. ;)

See you there.

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