Last week, Jason Reiner, 43, was arrested for shoplifting for the sixth time in less than a week in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The Atlantic City Police Department reported that Reiner is a well known serial shoplifter who got arrested six times in just six days. His most recent arrest happened after he stole a purse from the Coach store at the Tangor Outlets. The local police got help when a witness aided them in the search for him. Someone spotted a man running with a purse and alerted officials. Reiner tried to change his appearance by putting on a coat to throw cops off, but his efforts did not work.

What makes this story even more unbelievable is that Reiner has been arrested for stealing twice in one day a couple of times. His most recent arrest was the second of the day because earlier that afternoon he was caught shoplifting at a Sunglass Hut. Before that, on March 13th, he stole sweatshirts from a gift shop and later that day he stole a purse from the Michael Kors Outlet according to the Atlantic City Police Department.

Get more information on the story here and in the video below

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