Teachers deserve a break (it's a stressful job). Well, according to Thrillist.com, teachers can get that break. They say that CheapCaribbean.com is offering away free flights to Mexico (50 flights to be exact) to Mexico. They're doing it in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6th-10th, by the way.

Now, you MUST be a teacher or an educator and you have to sign up for Cheap Caribbean's Beach for Teach Club. Don't worry, they say it's free. If you sign up by May 9th, you'll receive an email that you need to register for your free flight. The first 50 teachers to do so, will get a free flight.

There are two stipulations to this offer, but they aren't terrible:

  • You still have to cover the rest of your trip... but the flight will be free.
  • Your trip has to be between the dates of July 10th and December 10th.

Plenty of my friends are teachers and I know that their jobs can be extremely stressful. I mean, how is it not? People may think that teachers are just glorified babysitters, but I can tell you they most certainly are not. I know for a fact that teachers work extremely hard. I also know that they look forward to their hard-earned vacation time. SoI hope some of my teacher friends can get into this awesome deal.

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