If you're a frequent Uber or Lyft rider but you're also a germaphobe, you are going to hate what we are about to share with you. Check this out, those back seats that you sit in when catching a ride are full of germs and according to USAtoday.com they are dirtier than a toilet seat. YUCK!

NetQuote.com mentioned in an article that ride sharing vehicles have more germs than rentals and taxi cabs. Ride sharing vehicles have on average of about 6 million germs , compared to car rentals with 2 million and taxi cabs with a little over 27,500. That's a lot of germs! According to USAtoday.com the button to roll down the window is the part of the vehicle with the most germs, with about 5 million. Followed by the seat belt with 1 million and the car door handle with a little over 1,800.

To gross you germaphobes out a little more, a toilet seat only has about 171.61 germs. Do the math . . . that back seat in the Uber/Lyft isn't the cleanest.

Don't feel weird and take the front seat once in a while. You'll catch less germs and maybe have better conversations.

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