By now, you’ve totally heard of the New York ‘Bagel Boss Guy’ who isn’t afraid to put up a fight. Chris Morgan, now known as the ‘Bagel Boss Guy’, got extremely upset while a number of other customers were just going about their day. Morgan went off in this bagel shop about how much trouble he’s had finding love on dating websites. The reason? Morgan is five feet tall. Generally, the consensus seems to be that women prefer dating taller men.

Morgan got really heated, really fast. Another customer calmly told him to calm down, to which Morgan replied, “Shut your mouth! You’re not God, or my father, or my boss!”. He then challenged the customer to a fight, to which a much bigger and taller man tackled him to the floor and pinned him down in seconds.

Since this video went viral, Morgan’s publicity seemed to go straight to his head. According to TMZ, Chris Morgan just inked a deal  with fighting promoter Damon Feldman -- who's arranged for Chris to put on some boxing gloves and go toe-to-toe with someone later this year in Atlantic City.”. Apparently, there’s a strong possibility of Morgan fighting the “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife” guy from the 2010 viral YouTube video, Antoine Dodson! Morgan seems ready to fight.

The fight is apparently booked for September 7 in Atlantic City, NJ. With a venue so close to home, it looks like we’ve got plans for September 7!

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