Do you remember going to concerts, being sweaty and just having a blast next to hundreds of strangers? That feels like an eternity ago. Whenever we go back to concerts we probably aren't going to know how to act anymore. recently shared that a big festival is coming to New Jersey again. The big festival is the Bamboozle Festival at the beaches of Asbury Park. We learned from that no performers have been announced yet.

Bamboozled Festival has been around for some time now and the "20 year Anniversary of The Revolutionary Festival" is going to happen in 2023. In reality, the Bamboozle Festival is still pretty far away. No exact date has been shared but on the Bamboozle Festival website it says, "Welcome To The Awakening of The Bamboozle 2023."

In previous years, The Bamboozle Festival has had performances by Bruno Mars, Drake, Snoop DoggMac, Miller, Skrillex, Mike Posner, DJ Pauly D, Iggy Azalea, amongst other PST artists.

We learned from that the Bamboozle Festival originally started in 2003. When it was first created it was created as an event on Myspace. Wow! Myspace? Many people that will attend the Bamboozle Festival probably weren't even born when Myspace was a big social media platform.

From the looks of the quick teaser created by the Bamboozle Festival, it seems like there will be an old-school Myspace theme for the upcoming 20th anniversary.

The Bamboozle Festival throughout the years has brought many different musical acts to the Meadowlands and Asbury Park.

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