Snipes Farm is calling all music fans to come out and hang out with them this weekend on Saturday, April 9. Snipes Farm and Education Center is located at 882 W Bridge St., Morrisville, PA and the start of their live music season is just beginning.

Starting this Saturday and a number of weekends throughout the summer, Snipes Farm is advertising its lineup on its website for the 2022 season.

This show that’s happening this weekend is a Grateful Dead cover band and trust me, I’m already looking into getting my hands on a pair of tickets. The show kicks off at 3 pm and ends at 7 pm.

Looking at the ticket website, there are a lot of cover bands that are going to be there this summer.

The next performance they’ll be hosting is on Saturday, April 23 from 6:30 - 11 pm. If you end up checking this show out and want to catch all of the shows listed on the site between now and November, they have the option to buy a season pass for all of their music events for the season.

Since the pandemic started, I have definitely missed live music and this is the perfect chance to get a taste of normalcy again.

In case you have never been there, Snipes not only has live music on select weekends in the summers but there’s a driving range and miniature golf course that you can check out before or after your concert.

You can find tickets for this show on the 9th and also for all of the other shows they’ll be hosting this spring and summer HERE.

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