A new store will be opening in Quaker Bridge Mall just in time for the holiday shopping season. Barn Picks and Stuff made the announcement on Facebook this morning that they will be moving in on the upper level, next to JCPenney. They store will open sometime in October.

The location is actually the old Payless Shoe store.

I've never heard of the new retailer before, but I have to say that it looks like a store that I'm going to love because it's filled with crafty home decor. They call it "farmhouse decor," which is very trendy right now, with DIY shops popping up all over the area.

The Fixer Upper fan in me is giddy with excitement.  The fall & holiday seasons are my favorite times to decorate my home, and it looks like they'll have plenty of cute and classy choices.

By reading through the Facebook comments, I think this is their first brick and mortar store. It seems as if they typically travel from craft show to craft show, street fair, etc.

A text is going out right now to all my craft showgirls... "let's go to the mall."

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