Well here is a crazy news story for you. This one is coming straight out of Bedford county in Pennsylvania. A man was arrested the other day after leading cops on a high speed chase.

Judson Minear, 32, from Bedford County Pennsylvania, is in jail and faces felony and misdemeanor charges along with 189 traffic violations stemming from a chase on Sunday night.

According to WTAJ, Minear was wanted for a felony assault warrant when the police found him on Sunday night driving to a residence in West Providence Township. After being spotted, Minear drove his car through the front yard and led the state troopers on a wild chase.

According to WTAJ, the police shared that in order to avoid the red light, Minear sped through a Sheetz parking lot and ran over a street sign. He also crashed his car in an attempt to run from the police on foot. Yes, that's right. He got out of his car and started running. I don't know how or why he thought he would be able to outrun police cars and dogs. So you can guess how his story ended.

According to WTAJ, when he was taken into custody on Sunday and charged for his prior warrant, his bail was set at $50,000. Then on Tuesday, his bail related to the car chase was set to $75,000. According to WTAJ, his preliminary hearings are scheduled for February 3.

I think this man will think twice before he tries to lead police through a high speed chase throughout Bedford county again.

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