Safe neighborhoods are what everyone wants. We know that in Bucks County there are great neighborhoods that are always being patrolled by our amazing law enforcement. Unfortunately, police officers can not always be everywhere so sometimes they may miss some crime that may happen in some neighborhoods.

On the Bucks Crime Watch website, it was shared that Bensalem Police Department is asking for a helping hand from the community. Bensalem Police started a program called Paws on Patrol to team up with residents of the Bensalem area. We learned that the Paws on Patrol is a neighborhood watch program that asks residents to report any suspicious activity to the police right away.

The interesting part of this neighborhood watch is that it is created for those that walk their furry friends on a daily basis, hence the name Paws on Patrol. We learned that Bensalem Police Department is asking all dog walkers to keep an eye out for suspicious activity while you are walking your furry friend. If you "observe something out of the ordinary vehicles, persons, packages, or activity contact and notify the Bensalem Township Police Department."

If you want to help keep Bensalem safe for you and your family it was stated on the Bucks Crime Watch website that you must fill out an application.

For those that have never been part of a neighborhood watch team, there are a few things you should have which include the phone numbers for the Non-Emergency line and the Police HQ. The phone numbers are Non-Emergency: (215) 639-3700 Police HQ (215) 633-3700.

According to the Bucks Crime Watch website, whenever you call in for suspicious activity this is some information you must share: Your Name,  Your Location, and a Detailed Description of Observed Suspicious Activity.

For more details visit the Bucks Crime Watch website.

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