Whenever your lease is up at your apartment or you want to be a home owner in a new neighborhood you always want to know how safe that area is, right?

Here are some analytics that we found on neighborhoodscout.com that can help you get a good look at which areas have a lower crime rate.

With a population of over 84,000, Trenton has unfortunately earned a reputation of having a very high crime rate and being unsafe. Robbinsville, Yardville & Mercerville (which are considered Trenton-area neighborhoods) are some of the few safest neighborhoods in the area.

According to neighborhoodscout.com, unfortunately Trenton is not the safest. One in 37 people have a chance of being a victim of property crime and 1 in 74 people can be a victim of a violent crime.

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With a population of 31,249 Princeton has a very low crime rate. It is said that Princeton is 87% safer than many other cities in all of the U.S. Your chance of being a violent crime victim in Princeton are 1 in 1,302 people and a property crime victim is 1 in 61.

Moving over to Pennsylvania, Morrisville can look like  a rough area if you just go by the analytics. However,  in reality you will find nice areas like Yardley. Yardley has a 37% less crime rate than any other city in the country. In Morrisville your chances of being a victim of violent crime are 1 in 42.

Can't always go by analytics but they are always a great source to lean on. Whatever your next big move is, make sure you check your neighborhood crime rate first.

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