What do you think the best small town in Pennsylvania is? The state itself is so big that it’s really hard to make a choice! According to KTLA, Pennsylvania is made up of over 2,560 municipalities, so how do you really choose the best small town in the state?

You turn to the people of Pennsylvania to answer the question, of course! It’s mind-blowing to me just how large the state of Pennsylvania is, but the residents know the ins and outs the best!

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A question was asked on Reddit just a few months ago under the page called ‘Pennsylvania’. “Pennsylvanians- What’s your favorite small town in PA?” This one post gained a ton of traction and started a huge string of comments among Reddit users.

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How exactly did Pennsylvania residents answer?

There were a ton of comments to Ambler, Pennsylvania, which is a borough located in Montgomery County that is outside the city of Philadelphia. There’s a cute downtown area which makes it a great contender for the title.

Unfortunately, though, this was not the small town with the most votes on this threat. Doylestown, Wellsboro, and Lewisburg were all towns that were also suggested as being the best in the state, but those were not the winners either.

What Is Pennsylvania Resident's Favorite Small Town in The State?

The Pennsylvania small town that is considered the best according to these Pennsylvania Reddit users is Lititz, Pennsylvania. This small town is located right near Lancaster and it’s a beautiful little town to explore.

There are restaurants and shops to check out, making it this Reddit page’s favorite small town.

The comment that voted for Liititz had over 200 upvotes, meaning a lot of people agreed with that statement. Do you agree this is PA’s best small town?

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