If you live in Delaware County, don't leave food outside or go wandering off at night!

According to CBS 3 Philly, large black bear has been spotted and captured on camera roaming nearby residential areas. The bear was initially seen around Bridge Street and Dennison Avenue, which is near Drexel Hill. According to a resident, the area is not a heavily-wooded one, so it was a surprise to see one show up so close to people's homes.

When word got out there was a bear sighting, nearby schools were put on lockdown, and police officials from Upper Darby, Clifton Heights and Lansdowne warned people to remain in the homes.

Wildlife officials managed to shoot the bear with a tranquilizer, but despite their efforts to detain it, the elusive bear got away.

Hours were spent trying to lure the bear with various foods and sweets, but no dice. Probably thought it was too easy! They searched on foot too, but to no avail - a lot of the thick brush made it difficult.

Now they're hoping that the bear will be secured in a safe donut-baited trap that will remain overnight. If the bear is captured by the Game Commission, it will then be relocated along the Blue Mountain range.

In the meantime if you live in the area, it'd be best not to let your kids play outside unattended and make sure your pets can't go wandering off. And don't leave food out overnight!

Check out this footage of the bear captured by CBS 3 Philly!

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