Yaasss to Wawa!

Everyone loves Wawa, I legit can't name a single person who doesn't.

Any who ... they are opening their biggest store yet, right here in Philly on 6th and Chestnut in Old City tomorrow.

Currently Washington DC holds the title for the biggest Wawa ever but ... snatch, this new Wawa is 2000 square feet larger.

This Wawa is a little different though, it's a bit classier if I do say so myself. The design includes murals and plants. These murals will be of "Philly Firsts" and they will be featured on coffee cups and only available at this location which will make this Wawa super unique.

The ribbon cutting will be tomorrow at 9am with a parade opening celebration of "Philly's Firsts" and let me not forget to mention giveaways!

Very cool!

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