Today on the show, we were joined by Astrologer Natasha Weber. I thought it would be cool to bring one on to get our birth charts read. Natasha is a very experienced astrologer all the way from Australia.

Do you know what a birth chart tells us? Natasha explained that a “birth chart is basically a snapshot of the heavens at the exact moment of your birth. Assuming that you are located at the center of a 360 degree wheel, the birth chart shows all the planets in their respective zodiac signs at your time of birth. It’s very unique to you, it’s like your finger print. That moment in time and space will never ever happen again”.



My sun sign is an Aries… what does this mean? Natasha said that, “The sun represents your basic character. It’s how you like to shine your light into the world”. She told me that I am very action oriented and that I am a boss babe or a born leader! She also warned me that I can be impulsive… also true.

Apparently, my moon is in Aquarius and your moon sign is basically your emotions and soul. For me, Natasha shared that, “this gives you a quirky quality to you deeper down, you are someone who likes to dance to the beat of your own drum”. She is too accurate!

When she looked at my chart and life right now, Jupiter is activating my moon sign! Natasha shared that, “Jupiter is the planet of happiness. This is bringing in inner happiness for you. It has probably been building for the last 12 months. I will experience this up until the end of the year”. Well, that was great to hear!

If you are interested in learning more about Astrology, go to her website and follow @astrotash on Instagram and Facebook! At the moment, she is not taking new clients but she is always putting out a of content on her socials, providing astrological updates for viewers and she also does live q&a’s!


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