Its always awesome to see celebrities stay active in their hometowns despite being big and famous. We've seen Meek Mill, Queen Latifah and more come back to the area and give back to the community grew up in. Well another Philadelphian is making sure she never forgets her roots. Nafessa Williams, star of the hit CW show "Black Lightening" has recently partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia!

This is actually a part of a nationwide partnership between the CW and the Boys and Girls Club of America. The program is called "Local Hero." The mission is to support the BGCA’s Youth Development Program Professionals.

Since Williams is from Philly she came by last week to speak to the kids at the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia’s West Coulter Street location.

“Just to know that I came from the things that took place and that anything is possible and I can never say that enough,” Williams emphasized. “I’m a fearless dreamer. I feel it is my purpose to encourage everybody else to follow their dreams fearlessly because I believe that is when life begins.”

“All things are possible, you know, there is nothing that trumps hard work and dedication and it is more important to make an impact then it is to actually influence. You know that you are influencing when you are impacting.”

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