Did you know that Nafessa Williams who plays the superhero "Thunder" in CW's Black Lightening is from West Philly? Yes! The little girl who grew up in the inner city, attended West Chester University and interned at the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, grew up to become TV's first black lesbian superhero!

In a recent interview with Philly Voice she expressed how growing up in Philly shaped her into the woman she is today.

"Growing up in Philly shaped me to be all that I am today. I love the city, its hustle and bustle, the unique people. We have a swagger about us that’s really cool. I call it the "Philly Hustle," the ambition and drive that we’ve been instilled with. I’m grateful for the artists who came before me; they’re proof that anything is possible." Williams said.

"At times, it was challenging. Growing up in the inner city, I saw things that were challenging to overcome." she also said.

Williams also shared a messages specifically to her fans from Philly.

"Be a fearless dreamer. My goal and responsibility is to inspire others, little brown girls just like me, to tell that that there’s so much more outside Philly that you can accomplish," she stated


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