If you're looking to have some spooky Halloween fun this year, head to Bloodshed Farms Fear Fest in Columbus, NJ, for their new Haunted Drive-Thru. A friend told me about it and it seems really cool.

I know there are so many people upset that Halloween may not feel "normal" this year and a lot of the haunted outdoor events in the area have been canceled because of the pandemic...but, not to worry, you'll be able to get all the Halloween feels during "The Last Drive." Sounds scary, doesn't it? Lol. The website is describing it as a "terrifying, immersive, contactless drive thru experience." You'll be safe and sound in your vehicle (Thank God. Lol. I get scared so easily) while having, "frightening encounters with twisted creatures and menacing characters as you journey through theatrical sets full of nightmarish displays and special effects." There's also a VIP Bloodbath upgrade, if you dare. Yikes. You can check out those details here.

You can check it out Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from 7pm - 11pm. Tickets are limited and look like they're selling out fast, so click here to buy them quick. The price varies by the date you go. You pay per vehicle, NOT per person.

In order to control crowds, when you buy your ticket you'll be given an entrance time. You have a half hour time window in which to enter the haunted drive. The website says, "Bicycles, Motorcycles, ATVS, Buses, Box Trucks, Limos, Tractors, Heavy Equipment Trucks, or any vehicle over 7 feet tall, are not permitted. Riders are NOT allowed in the back of open bed vehicles. No open tops or open sides (ie Convertibles, Jeeps)."

Security guards will be placed throughout the course, making sure no one gets out of the car and stays within the 3mph speed limit.

For more information and to buy tickets, click here.

Bloodshed Farms Fear Fest is located at the Columbus Farmers Market, 2919 Route 206, Columbus, NJ.


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