Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I cannot believe I did not know that there was a Board & Brush that opened in my town! I've lived in South Brunswick for five years and I love living there, but there's not much to do. We usually have to go to New Brunswick or Princeton for some fun, so I got super excited when I just learned that Board & Brush South Brunswick is now open! Board & Brush is similar to a paint and sip place, but instead of painting pictures, you create wooden signs and I've heard from Chris Rollins that it is a blast!

According to their Facebook page, they opened sometime in March and are now ready to have a big grand opening on April 7th from 3-5 pm. They are located on Route 27 in Kendall Park and they've got lots of incentives to get people excited. The first 50 people who show up at Board & Brush, will get a sweet gift bag and inside that bag is a $10 off coupon, but some bags could have a 25%, 50% or a 100% off coupon! There will be refreshments and other contests as well! The fun kicks off at 3pm after the Mayor cuts the ribbon! What a perfect Sunday Funday!

You can more details here.

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