If you're a regular Starbucks drinker, you know, it can get expensive to buy those drinks every day. So whenever a promotion comes out to get some discounts or free drinks, I feel like I need to tell the world.

According to Daily Shared, Starbucks will let you buy any drink and get the second one free. This awesome deal will continue throughout the entire month of December.


Starbucks also just introduced a new drink too, so you can try it out and if you don't like it, you've got another drink as a backup for free.

Another cool thing happening at Starbucks according to Delish, is their annual Starbucks for Life contest. This is one of those contests that makes everyone flip out. Starbucks will pick five winners for this contest and they will receive one drink or food item for free for the next thirty years. They also pick other winners and those people get some sweet prizes too like free Starbucks for six months.

Starbucks is trying to make everyone's holiday season bright and who are we to deny it?

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