Whoa. If I were only in Freehold today. Two of the biggest musicians in the world (and New Jersey natives) showed up at a local ice cream shop this afternoon (Wednesday, October 5th).

My Central Jersey caught up with the owners of famous Freehold ice cream shop, Jersey Freeze, and got the story.

Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen arrived together in a sports car driven by The Boss. No security, just them and each ordered an ice cream cone. Crazy, right?

What did the two celebrities order? Each of them got an ice cream cone. Bon Jovi got his with sprinkles (yes, sprinkles, not jimmies) and Bruce got his chocolate dipped.

They didn't stay long, only about 10 minutes. I'm sure they were well aware that if they stayed any longer they'd cause a fan frenzy.

Before they left they were kind enough to take a picture with the owners, Matt Cangialosi and Katie DiNonno.

Even though Springsteen is a regular at Jersey Freeze, this was the first time Cangialosi and DiNonno had taken a picture with him.

He's been going there with his family for years (it's been in business since 1952), so they typically just let him be a regular customer, but, when he showed up with Bon Jovi today, they took notice and jumped at the chance for a picture.

I totally would have too.

I'm sure this is an afternoon they won't soon forget.

Jersey Freeze is a landmark in the area. It's located at 120 Manalapan Avenue in Freehold. Stop by. You never know who you may bump into.

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