The legendary Bruce Springsteen was spotted at a local New Jersey ice cream shop the other day. He returned to his favorite place that he used to go to all the time growing up as a kid. According to, when Springsteen was a little boy he would always show up at Jersey Freeze in Freehold and ask for some cones. That's right, he never actually got any ice cream. The employees would always give him some broken cones to munch on.

70 years later the rock star came back to Jersey Freeze and even took a picture with a fan. It's not unusually to see Springsteen in Freehold since he lives a county over in Colts Neck. However, Spence Freedman was lucky enough to be at Jersey Freeze the exact same time as the icon. According to, Freedman was grabbing a hotdog and fries when he saw Springsteen in his parked car taking a phone call.

“I threw my car in park, hopped out and ran around to his driver side window, he rolled it down mid-phone call, posed for the picture, and I thanked him,” Freedman told  NJ Advance Media.

No word on what Springsteen's order was this time around. Did he actually grab a cup of ice cream this time? Or did he opt for his usual broken cone pieces? We aren't sure, but its likely this isn't the last time Springsteen will show up at his favorite place just off “Highway 9″.


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