I was casually scrolling through Tik Tok (like I always do), and a familiar face caught my eye! A local Bucks County resident went viral on Tik Tok a couple of weeks ago from not only 1, but 2 Tik Tok videos!  Both videos have over 1 million views. Not impressed yet? Ok, let me explain to you what was happening in the videos. 

There is a big Tik Tok trend showing off peoples transformations. Many people show their “glow up” form a young, not so good looking child, to how hot they look now. There’s another “glow up" trend showing the results of others weight loss or weight gain. Since people have been on lockdown due to COVID-19, that seems to be the most popular one.  To be honest that is my absolute favorite one! 

Another Tik Tok favorite in this trend is showing people "glow up" after a bad break up. So what exactly caught my eye about this one? First and foremost, I recognized his face! I know for a fact we went to the same high school and we have mutual friends. What really caught my attention was how he used the trend! 

His name is Marcus Pitt; a 22 year old from Bucks County, PA. It starts off with pictures of this girl that looks just like him, only to find out that girl used to be him! Marcus is a proud trans man! Take a look at the first videos: 

I admire his confidence to tell his story. Oftentimes in the black and minority communities, it is frowned upon to be a part of the LGBTQ community. For the most part this is due to religious reasons, but it is definitely something that is taught at a young age. In a follow up video he answers tons of questions that he gets all the time. You can watch that video here. 

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