I bet the feeling of winning the lottery, is a pretty amazing one. I hope that once in my life I can experience it. I always say, if I can just win enough money to pay off my student loans, buy a new car and a nice size house, I can live with that, but of course, everyone is always going to wish for the huge jackpot. Well, someone from Bucks County isn't a millionaire, but they did win $500,000!

According to The Patch, a winning lottery ticket from the drawing on April 8th was sold at Weis Market in Doylestown, PA! If you bought your ticket at the Weis Market on n 73 Old Dublin Pike in Doylestown, check your ticket! You could have won $500,000! If your number match these...07-09-19-22-36, do what lottery experts say and sign the back of your ticket, take a picture of it, contact a lawyer and your local lottery office. Collect your winnings and enjoy!

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