Looks like there is a new millionaire in New Jersey. I will tell you this much, it is not me. I wish it was. NJ.com reported that at the Silverton Pharmacy in Toms River there was a Jersey Cash 5 lottery ticket sold that turned someone into a millionaire. It has been said that the jackpot was $1,753,211.

According to NJ.com, the ticket was for Friday's drawing and the lucky numbers were 5, 22, 26, 28, and 43. Xtra number 3. This actually became the second-biggest jackpot of 2020, following the Agust 21st jackpot of $1,813,783. We have to get to it and get our tickets. Maybe we can at least get $100,000 as others did over the weekend.

It was also stated on NJ.com that over the Labor Day weekend there were two other big winners. Not a million dollars winners but still some big wins. On Monday, in Freehold there was a ticket sold at a food store that got someone $149,442.

On Saturday someone took home the $100,000 jackpot. I repeat we need to buy lottery tickets. I never buy any but I guess I will start now. I will take $100,000 or whatever the amount is after taxes.

With people winning that much over the weekend it feels likes we all have a chance to win a jackpot right? Just know that that chances for winning off of a $1 ticket are 1,221,759 to 1, at least that is what NJ.com has mentioned.

If you happen to purchase a Jersey Cash 5 lottery ticket just remember that you have to get all 5 numbers correct plus the Xtra to be able to get that jackpot.

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