A 52-year-old woman from Quakertown was arrested on Thursday for allegedly attempting to steal kangaroo from a petting zoo housed in Bedminster (Bucks County).

The suspect, Loren J. McCutcheon, claims she owns the animal. The attempted theft happened at the scene of where the Peaceable Kingdom houses their animals on Ridge Road in Bedminster. The seemingly strange news was first reported in the Bucks County Courier Times.

Police arrived on the scene as the suspect was trying to load the animal (a kangaroo... named Jeffrey) into the back of her Honda Pilot. She was planning on driving it to Florida because a court order prevented her from keeping the animal in Pennsylvania, according to Friday's report. 

McCutcheon is facing misdemeanor charges of theft by unlawful taking and trespassing, and a summary offense of damaging property. Police allege that she used bolt cutters to access the gated driveway.

The zoo's owner Charis Matey told Bucks County Courier Times that she is the rightful owner of the kangaroo. Matey says she has rented the property from McCutcheon since September of last year.

McCutcheon is due to appear in court on February 4.

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