Burlington City High School students are doing whatever it takes to lower the speed limit on Route 130 in front of the school after their classmate was hit by a car back in 2016.

CBS Philly mentioned that the students are trying to catch Governor Murphy's attention to approve a measure named Antwon Law.

The way that the students tried to make their voices be heard was by starting a rally and forming the word "SIGN IT".

Murphy has not commented on it yet, according to Philly.com. The governor has until January 31st to sign it or veto it. There is also a chance that the law can take effect and it can all happen without a signature.

Burlington City Mayor, Barry W. Conaway, is not against what the students are doing but shared, "I’m concerned about traffic from 130 bleeding into the side streets and the neighborhoods."

Conaway also told Philly.com, "We don’t want the city to be put in a very difficult situation.”

Hopefully, they will come to a conclusion to keep these students as well as drivers safe.

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