Burlington City has hopes of getting a makeover from an HGTV show, according to Facebook.

How cool is this? You know I'm a big fan of HGTV (Home and Garden TV), so would love to see a nearby town get the star treatment. The show is called "Home Town Takeover." Cutie couple, Erin and Ben Napier (Ben's the one with the bushy beard) "lead a team of renovation pros as they takeover and makeover an entire small town," according to the HGTV website. It will be a six-episode special series that will be airing sometime in 2021. I can't wait.

Burlington City has applied to be one of those cities. It has such charm. Take a look at the video they used for their entry. Fingers crossed that they get picked!


Do you have mad love for your hometown? Want to enter it to be a part of this special project? Click here to find out all the details.

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