It’s a shocking twist to an insane story as authorities now say the entire thing may have been a scam from the get-go.

The Burlington County couple (Mark D’Amico and Kate McClure) and homeless Philadelphia man (Johnny Bobbitt) who made headlines after a good deed led to a $400,000 GoFundMe campaign are now facing charges of conspiracy and theft by deception.

If you’ll recall the group initially became famous in 2017. McClure posted a story on Facebook alleging that Bobbitt gave her his last $20 when she ran out of gas on Interstate 95.

After the story went viral online, McClure and her boyfriend (D’Amico) started a GoFundMe to raise funds for Bobbitt. The campaign, which received 14,000 contributions, raised more than $400,000.

Earlier this year, charges were filed against the couple, which alleged that they had stolen the money from Bobbitt.

Now sources are exclusively telling NBC10 that all three actually provided a false story in order to raise money for themselves.

In fact, the three deliberately prevented donors from gaining information “that would affect their judgment about solicited contribution to that fundraising effort,” according to NBC10's report.

The couple surrendered to authorities on Wednesday. Meanwhile, as of Wednesday evening, authorities have not been able to locate Bobbitt.

A press conference is scheduled to take place in Burlington County on Thursday. We expect to learn more at that time.