Police on Thursday raided the home of the couple being sued by a homeless Philadelphia man for keeping the proceeds of a $400,000 GoFundMe fundraiser meant for him.

The home of Kate McClure and Mark D'Amico was searched "in connection with a criminal investigation into the Johnny Bobbitt matter," Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Cofina said in a statement.

No charges have been filed.

The raid was the first indication that law enforcement is conducting a criminal investigation in addition to the lawsuit that Bobbitt filed last month in Burlington County alleging that the couple used the funds to go on various lavish trips and to buy a BMW. The couple has insisted that they used their own funds and that they did not want to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars to a drug addict.

But the couple's story has changed considerably in the past few months. This week, their attorney acknowledged that all of the money is "gone" even though his clients had said as recent as a week ago that as much as $150,000 to $200,000 remained in the bank.

Months ago they said they were going to use the money to buy Bobbitt a home outside New Jersey as well as a truck and provide him with a financial advisor. The home turned out to be a camper that was parked on McClure's property.  The couple last month said the camper and used SUV, which were under McClure's name, were sold and the proceeds provided to Bobbitt.

CBS Philly posted video on Twitter account of D'Amico hitting golf balls in the front yard as police searched his home. Another video showed a BMW being taken away on a flatbed truck. It is not clear why the car was towed.

D'Amico and McClure's lawyer, Ernest Badway, told Townsquare Media in an email he had no comment on the search.

The search warrant came a day after lawyers for both appeared in Superior Court in Mount Holly to determine where the donations went. Bobbitt's lawyer, Chris Fallon, said he was told by Badway all the money "is gone"

McClure and D'Amico created a GoFundMe page for Bobbitt last November after he used his last $20 to help her fill up her gas tank after she got stranded on Route 95 in South Philadelphia. The fund eventually collected over $400,000 in donations.

Bobbitt said the couple did not give him access to the funds except for several thousand dollars, of which he admits he used some to feed his opioid addiction.  Bobbitt's attorney on Wednesday said his client is in a 30-day drug treatment program that starts this weekend.

Judge Paula Dow on Wednesday asked Badway to clarify his answer during last Friday's hearing that Bobbitt had received more than $200,000 of the donations, which the judge estimated leaves $75,000 to $80,000 that still unaccounted for.

Badway said that from the documents he had seen, $200,000 went to Bobbitt but "I have not seen everything."

The hearing Wednesday was the second one before Dow. The couple did not appear at either hearing but the judge ordered them to appear in person at a deposition Monday at Badway's office and in her court room on Sept. 14.

A message for Fallon has not yet been returned.

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