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Whoa! A woman from Browns Mills is a million dollars richer after winning on a New Jersey Lottery scratch-off ticket, according to NJ.com.

Lottery officials say that Maria Lopez bought a $10 scratch-off ticket (for the $52 million Gold Payout) at the Super Deals Food Market in Pennsauken recently.

It's rare that Maria buys such a ticket as she usually sticks to the $1 and $2 tickets, NJ.com notes.   It's a good thing she took a chance. She scratched it as soon as she got out to her car and quickly realized she held one of the three jackpot-winning tickets. One jackpot-winning ticket remains in circulation, according to lottery officials. 

I've bought my fair share of scratch-off tickets over the years for my dad, who loves to play the lottery, but, he's never even been close to winning like this.

When asked what she was going to do with the money, she said she had no plans for it yet, NJ.com reported. 

Oh, if this was me, I have spent the money in 10 minutes. That's the time it would take to get my realtor on the line to buy myself a beach house at the Jersey Shore.

Congratulations Maria!

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