Get ready to have some fun again. The axe throwing place in the Lawrence Shopping Center, Bury the Hatchet Princeton, is reopening this week, according to Facebook. Yay.
It's been closed for months, like so many other places, due to the pandemic, so this is great news. The post said their grand reopening is going to be this Thursday, September 17th. They've been working hard to make your time there the safest possible. There's even a grand reopening special for you and your friends. Make sure to use the online code BURY10 when your booking your outing and you'll get 10% off. You can book now by clicking here.
If you've never been to Bury the Hatchet, you should really go try it. It's super fun and a great stress relief. We could all use a little stress relief right, now, right? I went with a bunch of friends last fall and was convinced I was going to be terrible at it, and I wasn't bad at all. I ended up getting a bullseye or two. The masters show you the technique, let you practice, and then set up games for you. My friends and I split up in teams...girls against the guys...and guess who kicked butt? Yup...the girls. can't throw the axes too hard. The guys were trying to show their strength and they were bouncing off the targets. Lol.
Give it a try. They have new procedures in place to keep you safe, like personal axes for each person in your group. Check out all the new procedures here.
Have fun.

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