Netflix's Carmen Sandiago reboot has inspired a whole entire Google Earth game.

Super cool.

So, I personally discovered the Carmen Sandiago reboot on Netflix like the day after it came out and I legit binged watched the entire series twice that weekend.

It's so good!

Apparently the show was so good that Google Earth actually created an educational game based on the series reboot.

The game is called 'Where in Google Earth is Carmen Sandiago' (so cute).

This new computer game is basically like a reboot of the original game you might have played on an old school computer back in the day. However, the same concept of the game holds true where you travel the world trying to solve crimes learning about history and geography to find Carmen.

I absolutely love this. Not just because my name is Carmen and I enjoy traveling and love stealing artifacts ... just kidding, I would never steal artifacts, hehe.

Seriously though, the reboot was just super cool and I'm going to probably going to check out the game as soon as I finish writing this blog.





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