ESPN reports, Catherine Raiche has just been promoted to the Philadelphia Eagles Vice President of Operations. She is now the highest ranked female executive in the NFL.

Catherine is originally from Canada and her resume is outstanding. She worked mostly in Canadian sports and joined the Philadelphia Eagles in 2019. She had an operations as well as a player personnel position. Now her new position she will be doing some scouting, player and staff development and more.

I absolutely love that there are so many women working in the professional sports world these days. Back in the day, the sports world was considered a man's world of expertise. The assumption of "only men knew sports" was one that was very popular and I know it was extremely hard for a woman to be a sports broadcaster, analyst and even referees.

Now in the year 2021, women are everywhere in professional sports and I love to see it. There are women referees, there are women coaches, analysts and commentators, sideline reporters, I mean the list goes on and on. I word part time for the NFL and there are tons of boss women leading the way from game day operations, to promotions and they are kicking butt.

I know I have been inspired by so many of these women and it makes me happy for the little girls in my life who want to grow up and work in the professional sports world. I know that if they work hard, there is potentially a place for them and to me, that is so amazing.

Who run the world? Girls!


Stunning Pictures of New Jersey Beaches to Screen Shot

Memorial Day weekend is almost here. People call it the unofficial kick off to summer, and I know I cannot wait until Friday to head down the Parkway to the Jersey Shore.

There's something about the beach and the ocean that just soothes people. When I used to have a bad day, sometimes I'd just drive down to see the ocean by myself.

So if you're having a stressful day or week, or whatever. Hopefully these photos of Jersey Beaches and the Ocean from professional photographers bring you some peace.

Feel free to screenshot and take them.


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