If you bought a ceiling fan at Home depot recently, you may want to check the brand. King of Fans, a brand of indoor/ outdoor ceiling fans sold at Home Depot are being recalled according to NBC News. The brand of fans is recalling almost 200,000 of their fans because apparently they had numerous reports of people who had bought the ceiling fans and these people said that the blades of their fans were detaching and flying off and damaging the rooms they were in. The name of the indoor/ outdoor ceiling fans are called the Mara and the company, King of Fans is offering free replacements for the damaged ones. 

Thank goodness I don't own one of these fans. I think all the fans in our house are Hampton Bay or another brand? They were all in the house when we moved in,  but I know they aren't the brand that is being recalled. Like I need another thing to worry about to keep me up at night. I stress about everything else in the world and we sleep with our ceiling fans on because we are those weirdos that even when its wintertime, we still have our fans going on high. Our comforter is a warm one, and my husband gets hot at night and depending on what kind of pajamas I sleep in, I get hot too. So yeah, we sleep with our fans on and I think I would cry if the blades flew off in the middle of the night. Terrifying!

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